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How to stoke the fire of a relationship during the fertile week 

fertile week relationships fuel sex

Deciding to have a child is a very important moment in a relationship, and it is also usually a very beautiful time. 

Couples imagine the future with a child, make plans and dreams, and have romantic details with each other. 

But sometimes, social pressure -or that which the members of the couple impose on themselves- makes getting pregnant something more difficult to cope with. 

Taking into account the fertile days and feeling that there is an obligation to have sex just on these days can lead to a decrease in sexual desire. 

Not only that, but it is common for the search for pregnancy and sex in general to become an unappetizing procedure. 

Fertile days, even fertile hours, agenda in hand, and very planned appointments with the sole objective of having sex (and with the pressure of having to ejaculate). 

For this reason, because we know that it can become a somewhat tedious search, we want to reveal some keys to fan the fire of the relationship especially in these fertile days

These tips for keep the spark in the search for the positive they will serve you whether you have just started seek pregnancy as if you have been going for the baby for a few months. 

Honest communication: key in the search for pregnancy

It is important that throughout the process of trying to get pregnant, whether it is achieved quickly or if it lasts a few months (or even years), communication between the members of the couple is as fluid and sincere as possible. 

That means that if one day the spirits are lower, it is convenient for the couple to know it. In the same way, when there is a good attitude and desire to have relationships, it is worth manifesting it and taking advantage of it! 

Deprogram sexual intercourse

Yes, the fertile days are important, of course. But having sex alone”because it touches", because "Honey, today I'm fertile, we have to try”, turns sex into something routine and unappetizing. Even if you've only just started looking, this scheduling pressure can demotivate both partners. 

Relocate relationships

When a romantic relationship is established, on many occasions sexual relations take place at night, in bed, and with the lights off. It's easy to pick up habits, and it doesn't have to be bad. But to avoid falling into a rut and fueling the fire especially in this fertile week, it is fun to have sex on the sofa, on the table, standing up, in the shower or bathtub… Anywhere is good.

use sex toys

This advice is related to the routine in sexual relations: you have to put some sauce on it to avoid falling into monotony. This spark can be given by where we have sex or by using toys with the partner. You can opt for massagers, vibrators or even board games with an erotic touch. 

Give free rein to fantasies

Along the same lines of spice up your fertile week, it can be fun to tell each other your fantasies and act them out. They may include a costume, some role play or domination... Do not be afraid, there are no taboos, and remember: communication is key to deciding what you are willing to do and what not. 

Appointments can also be outside the fertile days

Attention: fanning the fire of a relationship does not have to be done only when there are fertile days. It is good to take advantage of this sexually active stage to organize appointments with your partner… also outside these fertile windows. Play, create, invent, organize romantic dinners, give each other gifts... The 30 days of the month are good for rekindling passion. 

There is no fertile day: there is almost a fertile week

It is important to remember this: despite the fact that ovulation tests mark one or two fertile days, the reality is that there is some room for manoeuvre. Ovulation usually lasts one or two days, but to this time frame we must add between three and five days, which is how long a sperm can survive in the uterus. 

Therefore, doing calculations, there is practically an entire week that is fertile and during which you can make all the "attempts" you want. 

It is important to take this into account, because it takes pressure off both members of the couple. It is clear that the more times you try, the more likely it is, but it is also true that nothing happens if one day you do not feel like it. 

get some rest

It seems obvious, but sometimes we mark sex as an obligation on the calendar at times when there is already a lot of fatigue for other reasons. Therefore, taking a break is a good idea.
For two reasons: first, because having sex while rested is always more pleasurable; and secondly, because the quality of the semen has dropped quite a bit, and if there is no seminogram who says the opposite, better day yes, day no than not having sex every day. 


In short: let your imagination run wild and try to forget a little about the fertile days and hours. 

Yes, you have to keep it in mind and take advantage of these days, but it can be a good opportunity to innovate and avoid falling into monotony. 

Happy searching!