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5 resolutions to get pregnant in 2023

New Years Pregnancy Resolution

5 New Year's resolutions to get pregnant in 2023

Sometimes the process between wanting and being able to get pregnant takes longer than expected. For this reason, in this post we are going to launch 5 resolutions to (help you) get pregnant in 2023.

Surely it will have happened to you: you have decided to go for the baby, and since then, you only see other women with baby carriages. In addition, on many occasions they tell you that "oops, we got pregnant the first time". It seems as if they accidentally got pregnant, and instead in your case, it may not be so. Frustration in these cases is almost inevitable. 

There are many elements that intervene in this process and that prevent, for one reason or another, the desired positive in the pregnancy test. But there are also many ways to help speed up this process, so take note!

5 resolutions to get pregnant in 2023

1- Make a preconception consultation

La consult a gynecologist or specialist doctor before seeking pregnancy It is always recommended, especially if you do not have an updated medical history. It is important to update your state of health (including the current medication that you may be taking) so that the specialist can guide you on the previous planning, control the changes that your body may suffer during the process and advise you on changes in your lifestyle. life (if necessary) to promote the conception of the baby. 

In the case of suffering from any chronic disease, this preconception visit is almost mandatory, since under medical supervision you will be more controlled, both to avoid risks during pregnancy, and to cope with possible complications in the case of conditions related to fertility.


2- Follow healthy habits and eat well

Nothing new under the sun! Healthy habits, far from being a mantra, are a philosophy of life to take care of our body and mind, whether you are looking for a baby or not. 

But especially if you've made the decision to have a baby, incorporating these habits into your life will keep you close to your goal. 

The first thing you should do is care and prepare your body for the coming months. In this sense, exercising regularly and constantly, but without overdoing it, will allow you to keep your body in good physical shape and ready to face such an important process. 

If until now you haven't been very keen on playing sports, you can choose to start off lightly: walking is always a good option, and you can easily incorporate it, for example, when going to or coming from work.

Another benefit of playing sports has to do with weight. But beware, it is so important lose weight In case you have extra kilos, how to gain them in case you lack them. 

Extreme thinness has the same effect as being overweight when it comes to affecting fertility, since in both cases the probability of suffering menstruation disorders increases. 

Eat in a balanced way

Another of the classics when we talk about healthy habits. We are what we eat, and when we seek pregnancy, even more so. 

The word "balanced" in food matters, takes on an even more important dimension when we want to conceive. It is difficult to achieve balance, because it is about not eating more or less than necessary. 

It is essential to eat regularly and not skip meals, since in these cases it is much more likely to gain weight unnecessarily, increasing the production of androgens and insulin and, consequently, complicating your fertility. 

The importance of folic acid to seek pregnancy

Folic acid has to be your faithful companion at meals. Normally, people need to ingest about 400g a day of this vitamin. In the case of a pregnant woman, it is advisable to increase this daily dose. 

Folic acid is an important player in the formation of maternal pregnancy tissues, and helps maintain the correct levels of folates. In addition, it helps prevent risks of the baby suffering significant deficiencies in the neural tube.

There is a long list of foods rich in folic acid What you can (and should) incorporate into your diet:

  • Vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, lettuce, brussels sprouts, beets, tomato, carrot.
  • Cereals: quinoa, brown rice.
  • Vegetables: lentils, chickpeas, beans, peas, soybeans.
  • Fruit: avocado, pumpkin, strawberries, melon, banana, grapefruit, papaya.
  • Nuts: almonds, peanuts.

It is very common that, regardless of following a diet high in folic acid, the gynecologist prescribes supplements, from two months before the start of pregnancy until week 12 of gestation. 

3- Know your menstrual cycle

It is vital to know your menstrual cycle and its variations. It is known that each body is different, and the duration of the menstrual period can vary from one woman to another.

That is why it is essential to have control over the fertile days, since it is on these days that pregnancy is most likely. They are usually located in the central 6-7 days of the cycle.

If you do not have a 28-day menstrual cycle (as many women do), a good solution to control the times is to use a menstrual calendar. Another way to know the symptoms of ovulation is by paying attention to the change in cervical mucus or basal temperature.

Another alternative is the ovulation tests, which detect when it is most likely that you will ovulate.

4-Practice sex regularly

One of the ways to increase the possibility of getting pregnant is by having sex with some regularity. Not only the fertile days, but also the days in which you are not ovulating. In addition, there are several studies that affirm that the sex and orgasms are beneficial for fertility.

Beyond the odds, having sex regularly can help you de-stress during the pregnancy search period, influencing the emotional aspect of this process very positively.

In addition, if in your case the cycles are irregular, the continued practice of sex is even more recommended, since it is not known exactly when the most fertile days are.

5- New Year's resolution: take supplements (Fertilovit) to get pregnant

One of the best resolutions you can have for the coming year is to take the most appropriate and efficient vitamins for the search for pregnancy for your particular case. 

with supplements fertilovit You have a wide range of options to help find a pregnancy, whether you are a woman or a man. 

It is scientifically proven that folic acid prevents malformations, decreases the chances of miscarriage, and helps prevent birth defects in the brain (anencephaly) and spinal cord in babies (spina bifida). 

In addition to folic acid supplements, Fertilovit has a wide range of supplements, among which are:

Fertilovit F35, for women over 35 years of age

Is a nutritional supplement for women over the age of 35 seeking pregnancy, and which is based on a very antioxidant formula to seek the highest quality of the eggs. 

Fertilovit MPlus, for men

Is a dietary supplement designed to maximize male fertility Thanks to combating oxidative damage to sperm. 


3 actions to avoid to get pregnant in 2023

Avoid stress whenever possible: It is one of the factors that interfere the most in the search for pregnancy. In women, stress affects the regularity of the menstrual cycle and in the case of men, the decrease in spermatozoa level.

Avoid intake of: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, fried and fatty foods. It is recommended not to abuse stimulating drinks (coffee and tea).

Do not obsess: without a doubt it can be the most complicated to apply. Continuously thinking about getting pregnant will not help you to have the positive sooner, but quite the opposite: you generate anxiety and additional stress. 

When it comes to having sex, it is best to try to get rid of this pressure and try to enjoy your partner.


Beyond all these tips, it is really important to work on your patience. And if, after a while (which is usually set at one year), you have not managed to get pregnant, you can consult your specialist and assess the possibility of going to an assisted reproduction clinic. Assisted reproductive techniques have come a long way in recent years and more and more women and couples are opting for this option to get pregnant.