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Since when to take folic acid for pregnancy?

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Take folic acid without being pregnant?

Surely you know that pregnant women are recommended to take vitamins for pregnancy in order to ensure the necessary nutrients for themselves and for the future baby. What you may not have known is that it is important to start Take these vitamins even before you start looking for the baby.

And because?

Well, because from the time you start taking the vitamins to when you have normal values ​​in your blood and that you have absorbed them well, a few weeks go by, that is, it is not instantaneous. It will also depend on several factors such as your lifestyle, basic nutrition, age etc

In any case, if you are considering trying to get pregnant, it is recommended that you start taking a supplement with folic acid three months before starting the search for pregnancy.

The recommended daily dose for a woman looking to get pregnant is 400 micrograms a day, in this way it is sought that there are no neural tube defects that will form the spinal cord and prevents developmental defects.

What exactly does folic acid do?

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin, these vitamins are essential for the development of the neural tube of the embryo. It is important to have adequate levels of this vitamin at the time we get pregnant because the development of this structure (neural tube) occurs during the first weeks of pregnancy. So if we wait to find out if we're pregnant to take the 400 mcg of folic acid, it could be too late and we might not have enough folic acid.

In addition, we must bear in mind that the growth of the neural tube and the entire nervous system of the baby is not generated from one day to the next, so it is important to take the recommended amount of folic acid each day, that is, be consistent in taking the supplement of folic acid and thus have all the benefits of this vitamin already in the first weeks of pregnancy.

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Recuerda además que el ácido fólico lo puedes potenciar y obtener de tu dieta. De forma natural, una dieta rica en frutas y verduras baja en productos ultraprocesados y azucares ya es una dieta rica en ácido fólico. No obstante, aunque tu dieta sea excelente, tomar ácido fólico para asegurar la dosis óptima para embarazo es una buen idea.

Foods that are rich in folic acid

Foods that are naturally rich in folic acid are especially fruits and vegetables. green leafy vegetables.The greener the better. The ideal would be to be able to enter the store and guide your menu according to the colors you see, the more color, the better.

Some ideas would be Swiss chard, spinach, lettuce... but cereals are also rich in folate, although keep in mind that these cereals should be whole grains, not the ultra-processed ones that would not be interesting to consume for conception or for general health.

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Other essential vitamins for pregnancy

Keep in mind that folic acid is not only important for pregnancy and the development of the neural tube. there are many other important vitamins for pregnancy or to help your hormonal balance and promote your fertility and menstrual cycle. A rich and balanced diet will provide you with all these vitamins and folate, but if you are going to take a fertility supplement, make sure that It not only contains folic acid, but it also provides you with other vitamins that can be beneficial. such as vitamin D, the omega 3 DHA and EPA, inositol, vitamin C, zinc among many others. Ideally, you can customize the intake of vitamins to your type of menstrual cycle and your characteristics as a woman.

If I'm already pregnant, vitamins need to change

Depends. Folic acid should be constant throughout the search for your pregnancy and also during pregnancy and ideally, also during lactation.

But it is true that needs will change if we are looking for pregnancy, than if we are already pregnant or if we are breastfeeding. Different doses are needed since the body will find itself at different times.

Thus, a folic acid supplement for pregnancy is interesting if it contains other vitamins that also help you ovulate, your menstrual health, egg quality and the implantation of the embryo.

The supplement during pregnancy will be more aimed at the entire development of the brain, neural tube, avoiding malformations and preventing any malformation of the spine such as spina bifida. Keep in mind that helping to prevent the defects that we have mentioned just by taking folic acid is a great advantage, so do not let it go by and you can start taking folic acid a few months before looking for a positive result.

In addition to folic acid, if you are already pregnant you can boost other vitamins such as omega DHA for brain development and also taking probiotics that will help you have a healthy baby and a birth with the minimum risk of birth defects that we can Avoid with proper nutrition and supplementation.

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If I've been trying to get pregnant for a long time and I'm not pregnant yet, can I stop taking folic acid?

If the desired positive is costing to arrive, keep in mind that you can stop taking your supplements, to take a break for a bit. Not because you can't take them, but because you also deserve to disconnect for a few moments and not always be on the lookout.

The ideal is that you have a healthy lifestyle, without toxins, with exercise and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. If you need it, consult a fertility doctor and with a nutritionist to follow some guidelines adapted to your specific case and find out why the pregnancy could not occur


If you are forgetful...

Remember to take your folic acid every day! It helps prevent neural tube problems and helps all women of reproductive age get pregnant.

Associate folic acid with a healthy pregnancy and try to make your supplement the most adapted to your general characteristics.

Remember, supplements are not substitutes for a normal balanced diet, and if you need it go to a specialist to accompany you towards conception.

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