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Ideal hygiene to detect implantation bleeding

detect positive implantation bleeding

As we have commented in another post, the implantation bleeding when there is an embryo that has come into contact with the mother's endometrium. But it is true that if there is this implantation bleeding, it has peculiar characteristics that make it recognizable and intimate hygiene and its materials will be valuable tools to detect this positive. 

In the post What is implantation bleeding and how can I recognize it? We talk to you about all those characteristics of bleeding that make it different from the period or from another type of bleeding and therefore we can know if there has been pregnancy even before the most sensitive pregnancy test

You also have to keep in mind that it is difficult to know exactly if it is implantation bleeding or not, but in moments of betawaiting, any clue as to whether we are pregnant or not is always welcome.


Facilities to detect implantation bleeding during beta-waiting

We are clear that these days in which we have calculated ovulation and the relationships we have had a fertility treatment We are looking at our bodies a lot, evaluating any sign. 

So, to detect the signs we have to make it easy for ourselves and if we want to detect implantation bleeding, intimate hygiene has to be our ally to make it easy for us. Especially if we are also taking the medication that we have been prescribed for the transfer. 

In order to recognize bleeding, we always recommend white cotton underwear and/or always using organic, plastic-free, white intimate hygiene products. This way we will have an easier time seeing what type of bleeding there is and its consistency.

Essential products during the beta wait:

Here I leave you three products that we always recommend to facilitate the detection of implantation bleeding if there is one: 

Organyc Panty Liner  Thin organic cotton panty liners


eco bamboo fabric compresses  Ecological bamboo cloth compresses. White and fine so that you can better detect any stains. 

And you can't miss it... 

claer blue pregnancy test  Ultra-sensitive pregnancy test that confirms pregnancy before having a pregnancy

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