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Lubricants and search for pregnancy

lubricant fertility pregnancy sperm

Lubricants that do not harm sperm

When having sexual intercourse, one of the important aspects is the moisturizing or lubrication of the woman's vagina, which is why many couples resort to the use of lubricants, because they associate it with increased pleasure, in addition, they contained compounds that did not allow the woman will become pregnant.

If the intention is to conceive a baby and you want to use lubricants to have more pleasure, the use of a lubricant for fertility is recommended, which keeps the sperm alive and can maintain their survival.

Lubricant to get pregnant

The lubricant to get pregnant or the lubricant for fertility is a product made from water and magnesium, which is very similar to cervical mucus, which come in different presentations in the form of ointment or gel.

Many times the desire to procreate a child is so intense and if it is not achieved, other types of inconveniences develop, such as stress, anxiety, fatigue and hormonal problems that trigger vaginal dryness in women and, therefore, painful sexual intercourse or less pleasant.

For these reasons, the use of a lubricant is recommended to get pregnant, in addition to helping with lubrication or moisturizing, a successful pregnancy can be achieved, because it provides that mechanism for the sperm to travel more easily to where the ovules are found. .

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Why use a fertility lubricant?

Many couples have problems such as vaginal dryness and find it difficult to get pregnant and resort to conventional lubricants, which have chemical components that change the pH of the vagina and slow down the speed of sperm, preventing them from getting pregnant. fertilize the ovum because its fertilization capacity is impaired. 

There are other types of couples who believe that the solution is the use of natural lubricants such as natural oils or saliva, but it turns out that this is not the case, just as conventional lubricants do not allow the woman to become pregnant. Keep in mind that sperm will not be able to do anything in oil, it is not their natural environment and that saliva, in turn, contains many digestive enzymes and will not be the best environment for sperm either. 

Here are the recommendations for using a fertility lubricant:

  • They are made with a pH very similar to cervical mucus.
  • They do not remove sperm.
  • They are clinically certified.
  • Its use is internal.
  • Produces lubrication and therefore pleasure in sexual intercourse.

How to apply a fertility lubricant

The best way to apply a lubricant to get pregnant is internally, because in this way it is providing moisture where the woman most requires it and in this way the mobility of the sperm is activated.

Fertility lubricants can be found in various presentations in ointments or gels, there are also applicators that are for single use, which make it possible to place them deep in the vagina, covering the wall of the vagina and the outside. of the cervix.

To be able to insert the applicator with the lubricant, it is recommended to relax and sit or squat, to facilitate the application and make it successful, pressing the applicator and inserting the product deep into the vagina and applying it 15 minutes before intercourse.

As for the products that come in a tube, a small amount is taken and applied to the genital area before intercourse and if desired, it can be applied after intercourse if necessary, its use can be daily for both women and men. In the case of tube format, it is not necessary to apply it beforehand and just apply it to the vulva or penis and it will penetrate to the bottom of the vagina with the very action of intercourse. 

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The lubricant and how to improve fertility

The use of a lubricant for fertility and ways to improve fertility are two things that can be done to increase the chances of getting pregnant, in addition, it can help in the fertility of the man, as long as the correct lubricant is used to get pregnant .

Eat a healthy diet:

Food is a determining factor and has a great influence on the fertility of human beings, both positively and negatively. In the case of women, you should consume vegetables and fruits, fish such as tuna and salmon, which increase fertility, consumption of foods rich in vitamin E, zinc, and selenium. El omega-3 and folic acid They give strength to the eggs and sperm. In men it is very important to eat foods that provide antioxidants, making it possible to improve the quality of sperm.

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Control weight:

Having control over weight is very essential for health, since being overweight negatively affects fertility, not only problems conceiving a baby, but also if a woman becomes pregnant and is overweight, she may be at risk of preeclampsia, diabetes and hypertension. As for men, it can result in the production of low-quality sperm.

Eliminate alcohol and tobacco use

It is necessary to change habits and follow a healthy life, the consumption of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages is a negative aspect in the lives of women and men who want to conceive a baby. In women a few months before becoming pregnant in order to lower the levels of alcohol in the body and thus reduce the risk of spontaneous abortion, premature birth, and bringing into the world babies with low weight or with fetal alcohol syndrome.  In men, alcohol and cigarette consumption affect fertility, decreasing the quality and quantity of semen, reducing the hormone testosterone and can cause erectile dysfunction.

Reduce caffeine intake

Not only should the intake of coffee be reduced, but also of soft drinks, teas and chocolates, in women it influences fertility, affecting hormone levels and ovarian stimulation.

In men, it influences the production and quality of sperm and hormone levels.

Consult the specialist

Going to the specialist is of the utmost importance when you want to get pregnant, because he will examine you and recommend tests to check your health status, and even more so if you have been trying to conceive a baby for a long time and have not succeeded, so that your partner is also examined.


When reviewing the results of the tests, the specialist will indicate what is most appropriate, such as making changes in habits or using fertility lubricants, ovulation tests or simply menstrual monitoring. 

The intake of vitamins that improve fertility, increase the quantity and quality of eggs and sperm can be recommended.

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